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General Authority for Investment in Egypt

General Authority for Investment in Egypt

Located on GAFI Building Plot 3 Salah Salem Road. Tel: +20 3904611.

The General Authority for Investment is the principal governmental authority concerned with regulating and facilitating investment.

GAFI also represents Egypt’s sole “One Stop Shop” for investment which aims at easing the way for investors worldwide to take advantage of the opportunities in Egypt’s promising emerging market. GAFI makes emphasis on various investment opportunities that lie ahead in different sectors throughout the Egyptian economy.

GAFI also holds its responsibility through developing communicational campaigns and assisting its image accentuating the improved investment climate in Egypt worldwide


GAFI’s Mission is to enable and sustain Egypt’s Economic Growth through investment promotion, facilitation, efficient business services and advocacy of investors’ friendly policies.

Mandates for General Authority for Investment

  • Promote Egypt’s potential sectors
  • Attract new investments and promote re-investments and expansions.
  • Facilitate and provide services to investors through expanding GAFI “One Stop Shop”
  • Support and accelerate the development of competitive strategic clusters
  • Stimulate the development of innovation
  • Implement Policy Advocacy Strategy.

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