Investment opportunities in Djibouti

Investment opportunities in Djibouti

Potential areas of investment include livestock, fishing, The Salt Lake, energy, telecommunications services, tourism and banking Services. As seen below;


  • Breeding of high and full of animal resources
  • Modern frigorific slaughter houses


  • Salt mining
  • Fine, dried and riddled salt iodized


  • Development opportunities in Sea Safari
  • Building Hotels
  • Creating parks


  • Fish processing
  • Dry/smoked fish
  • Scale fish farming

ICT Sector

  • Business process outsourcing services
  • High level telecommunication training facilities on international standards
  • Telecommunication business services incubation
  • Hardware repair training facilities

Financial Sector

  • Establishment of more facilities and customers oriented banks
  • Establishment of Investment Banks
  • Private and local partnership to develop the microcredit and microfinance sector
  • Mutual Fund Agencies
  • Portfolio Management Agencies


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