Other Deserts in Africa

Other Deserts in Africa

Other small deserts in Africa include the following

Chalbi Desert

The Chalbi Desert is a small desert in northern Kenya near the border with Ethiopia. The desert is located east of Lake Turkana, the largest permanent desert lake in the world.[citation needed] The settlement of North Horr lies in the desert. Marsabit is the closest major city.

Nyiri Desert

Nyiri Desert, also called The Nyika, Taru Desert, Tarudesert, is a desert in southern Kenya. It is located east of Lake Magadi and between Amboseli, Tsavo West and Nairobi National Parks. High proportion of Kajiado District’s land area is of Nyiri Desert. Its aridity is caused by rain shadow of the Mount Kilimanjaro.

Lompoul desert

The Lompoul desert is a small desert (about 18 km2) located 145 km south of Saint-Louis, Senegal. It is characterized by orange sand dunes forming a landscape that is more akin to those of the Saharaand Mauritania than those of the surrounding area of Senegal (the Grande-Côte), and is a popular tourist attraction of Senegal. The desert is named after the closest settlement, i.e., the village of Lompoul.

Bayuda Desert

The Bayuda Desert is located north of modern Khartoum, Sudan, west of Kadabas, and south of the Nubian Desert, together making up part of the Sahara’s eastern flank. Within the desert can be found the Bayuda Volcanic Field.

Murzuq Desert

Murzuq Desert, Idehan Murzuq, Idhan Murzuq, (also Murzaq, Murzuk, and Murzak), is a primarily erg desert in southwestern Libya. It is considered part of the Sahara desert complex, although it is separated from the southern Sahara by the Tibesti Mountains and the Tassili n’Ajjer.

Since oil exploration began in 1957, eleven oil fields have been discovered in the Murzuq Basin. Two of the fields are considered giants, and altogether there are more than 2 billion barrels of oil in reserves under the desert there