Gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo

Gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo


Democratic Republic of Congo is endowed with Three of the four sub-species which include eastern lowland gorillas (ELG), Mountain gorilla (MG) and western lowland gorilla (WLG).

Gorilla tourism with habituated groups began here in the mid-1970s, in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, a stronghold of eastern lowland gorillas (ELG), and this park still offers one of the best gorilla-viewing experiences.

Bukavu is the nearest town (with some beautiful lakeside hotels), but check the security situation if entering DRC from Rwanda.

Mountain gorilla (MG) tourism in Virunga NP is also excellent, if security allows. Things have improved since the early 2009 arrest of rebel leader Nkunda, but the area is still unsettled. However, even during the troubles many people visited the gorillas at Djomba on day trips from Kisoro, Uganda, because permits were available in the DRC and sold out in Uganda. Take advice on the spot – it can change from one week to the next.

Some WLGs survive in the far west of DRC in the beautiful Madiakoko Mountains, Bas-Congo, crossing back and forth from Cabinda (Angola), but you’d be a pioneer tourist here.