Transport System in Kinshasa

Transport System in Kinshasa

Kinshasa is the capital city of Democratic Republic of Congo with a population of over 9.463 million people and an area of over 9,965 km².  The people use the following means of transport to move around the city;

Public transport in Kinshasa is provided by an urban transport company the STUC, informal operators and the railway company the Office National de Transport (ONATRA)

The ONATRA railway network

Kinshasa’s urban rail network, which is a component of ONATRA only transports  a few passengers per day owing to the poor state of the network. The railway line between Kinshasa and Matandi is managed by OATRA.


The Société de Transport Urbain du Congo (STUC) buses provide public transport to and from the city to different destinations in the country. STUC’s fleet consists of 180 buses with seating capacity of 44, but many carry 100 during rush hours.

Mini buses

There are a number of privately owned  minibuses which provide transport services in Kinshasa. The minibuses have a seating capacity of 26 but usually carry 50 during rush hours.

KINRAPID Bus Rapid Transit network (Kinshasa)

KINrapid, a public transportation network adapted to the City of Kinshasa. The BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) network named KINrapid and proposed by Citilinks and AEC Congonext aims to realize a complete network of bus lines with own ways through the agglomeration of Kinshasa.


Many people travel by ferry between the capital cities of Kinshasa and Brazzaville which are located opposite each other  across the Congo River.  Ferries also come from areas such as Bangui and Kisangani.

Special Hire Taxis

These are privately owned vehicles that transport people to different areas around Kinshasa and the suburbs. The Special Hire Taxis have no defined routes but move accordingly to the customer’s instructions.

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