National investment commission of Republic of Congo

National investment commission of Republic of Congo


The National Investment commission of Republic of Congo was established by Decree No. 2003-57 of April 22, 2003, under the authority of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Budget.

The National Investment Commission is the implementing body on policy of the Government’s investment promotion in the country.

Functions/ Responsibilities of the Commission

The Commission is responsible for the following:

  • Implementation of economic regulation on investment
  • Examine the records of license application and allow companies approved the advantages of preferential regimes of your charter investments
  • Ensure compliance with commitments made by authorized firms to different regimes of the Charter of investments
  • Examine the application files tax deduction for businesses under common law has made ​​significant investments ,grant tax deduction ” for these companies in accordance with Articles 129, 130 and 130 bis of the General Tax Code transmit the findings to the Department of Revenue for execution
  • Certify the end of the installation of an undertaking to the investment charter
  • An annual report to the Chief Executive on the development related investments I; application of the Charter of investments
  • Withdraw or cancel the license on the basis of monitoring reports investment sub -committee of control, while obligation to failing firms to repair the damage caused to State , in accordance with the regulations
  • Decide on ” force majeure “
  • Ensure the extension of the charter of investments
  • Monitor the implementation of commitments made by authorized firms to pension investment charter
  • Achieve the physical and accounting control declared investments by companies wishing to benefit from the tax deduction.

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