Cultures of Uganda

Cultures of Uganda

The culture of Uganda is made up of a diverse range of ethnic groups with over 40 African ethnic groups, a small number of Europeans, Asians and Arabian people.

About two thirds of the population is Christian (evenly divided between Protestants and Roman Catholics), the other third are Muslims and followers of traditional African religions.

The main languages spoken in the Republic of Ugandan are English (official), Bantu languages, Nilotic languages and Swahili.

In Uganda, the kanzu is the national dress of men in the country. Women from central and eastern Uganda wear a dress with a sash tied around the waist and large exaggerated shoulders called a gomesi. Women from the west, northwestern drape a long cloth around their waists and shoulders called suuka. Women from the southwest wear a long baggy skirt and tie a short matching cloth across their shoulders. Women also wear a floor long dress called a busuti which was introduced by the 19th century missionaries.

Music is an important part of ceremonies and special occasions. Uganda’s different peoples have their own special dances.

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