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Economy of Republic of Congo

Gross Domestic Product 2012

GDP (purchasing power parity): $ 19.27billion (2012 est.)

GDP real growth rate: 4.9%

GDP per capita (PPP): $4,700

GDP composition by sector

Agriculture: 4.2%

Industry: 71.3%

Services: 24.5%

Inflation: 9.8% in February of 2013

Currency: Central African CFA franc

Business Languages

The commercial languages include the following

  • French
  • Lingala
  • Kingwana
  • Kituba
  • Kikongo
  • Tshiluba


  • Republic of Congo has approximately a total of 5,138 kilometres of railroads.
  • Highways, there are 145,000 kilometer highways of which 2,500 kilometers are paved.
  • Water ways, there are 15,000 kilometres of water ways including the Congo River and its tributaries
  • Ports and harbors include; Banana, Boma, Bukavu, Bumba, Goma, Kalemie, Kindu, Kinshasa, Kisangani, Matadi, Mbandaka

Energy in Republic of Congo

The major sources of energy in Republic of Congo include; geothermal, biomass, solar, wind, natural gas, oil, and hydro power

Challenges facing Republic of Congo

  • Corruption and poor governance
  • Inadequate infrastructure especially for transport
  • Poor leadership
  • Discrimination
  • Lack of freedom of press
  • Overgrazing and other poor farming practices worsen the problem of soil erosion and desertification in some areas.
  • Poaching
  • Political unrest
  • Ethnic conflicts due to economic interest
  • Forced labour and displacement

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