Investment Opportunities in The Republic of Congo

Investment Opportunities in The Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo has various investment opportunities in the following areas.


  • The country is endowed with many unexploited minerals which include, cobalt, copper, cadmium, petroleum, industrial and gem diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, manganese, tin, germanium, uranium, radium, bauxite, iron ore, coal.
  • The exploration of minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphate, zinc, manganese, gold, silver, and diamonds represents many business opportunities.
  • Establishment of industries inline of manufacture of cement and building materials

Oil sector

  • Sector of Oil offers interesting opportunities for investment, particularly in the areas of exploration and development of industrial and commercial units. This is the case for oil exploration in the region of the bowl or large offshore to Pointe-Noire.
  • Production of heat and the processing and marketing of petroleum products.

The service activities are in full expansion in the country, but most of them require a real expertise and specialized expertise. They struggle to take off. This is the case of consulting activities in areas such as legal, IT, finance, recruitment, communication

Similarly, firms and high-level audits, as well as the areas of brokerage and real estate waiting to be developed, other promising areas such as services to households and businesses truly booming. These are dry cleaners, fast food, bakeries and pastries, security, delivery services, local shops, transport, education, multimedia, ICTs, and collection and treatment services garbage, etc..

Tourism and Recreation

The tourism industry is virtually untapped in the Republic of Congo and is offering real opportunities. Areas of intervention are numerous creative agencies and tour operators tourism, construction of hotels and restaurants, sightseeing tours, tourist parks and reserves, development and operation of sites and tours, arranging of cruises , tours and excursions, car hire and transport, escorts and guides travelers, etc..
Congo is conducive to ecological tourism (ecotourism) and discovery tourism, because of the great diversity of its wildlife and forests. Many innovative possibilities available to sophisticated investors.

The country is crossed by major rivers such as the Congo River, it has vast wealth of animal and botanical: forest elephants, chimpanzees, monkeys, gorillas, lions, buffaloes, hippos, antelopes, newspapers, various species and rare birds, fish and plants, flowers and trees.

While areas are completely undeveloped and home to forest dwellers known for their traditions, rituals, dances and arts in its purest form.

Ecotourism is combined here with cultural tourism and leisure, and attracts a clientele of both foreign and nationals: river cruises, fishing at sea and leisure resorts, golf practice, excursions and picnics, music, hinges, organizing tours of historical discoveries, etc..

Energy and Water Sector

Many opportunities have been created in the areas of energy and water for which the demand is very high and have been liberalized. Investments include not only the construction, subcontracting and assistance on hydro or gas, and the transport and distribution of electricity.

It is possible to invest in the development of micro-power plants based on solar or wind energy, or bio-based fuels.

The water sector also provides countless opportunities particularly in terms of treatment and purification of water.

Transport sector

The field of transport infrastructure is also very promising. It is possible to invest in air, road and river, harbor dredging river side. Are also many opportunities to grasp the development and modernization of airport services.

Forestry sector

Congo covers over 13 million hectares of forest production in the country, about 10% of the forests of the Congo Basin. It is possible to invest in logging and in timber production service (charcoal, firewood) and the transformation carpentry.

Environmental opportunities

There are also considerable potential in the field of environment and operating waste (industrial and hospital), reforestation, household waste disposal, industrial cleaning and sanitation of cities.

Agricultural sector

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Business opportunities in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, arboriculture, fisheries (inland and marine), fish and livestock as well as the transformation of agro-pastoral products, etc.. prove endless.

The sector covers in total more than 10 million of usable land. It is possible to invest in the production and export of food products such as coffee, palm oil, potatoes, cocoa, etc.

Other areas such as:

  • Production of meat, poultry and eggs,
  • The construction and management of slaughterhouses
  • The production of mineral water and fruit juices,
  • The processing of cassava and yam
  • Units of smoking freshwater fish and saltwater fish salting,
  • The production of feed, seed and fertilizer,
  • Rental and maintenance of equipment and agricultural machinery
  • Transport and packaging of agro-pastoral and fishing, etc. are all niches.

Real estate sector

Demand in the building sector is also very high and the industry is booming.

On the private side, the strong demand from companies but also individuals also strongly stimulated investment in the building industry. Villas, commercial buildings or residential and hotels are emerging almost everywhere in the big cities.

Banking and Finance

Most Congolese banks are not only poorly integrated into global markets, but very little finance for productive investment in the long term in the country hence creating room for investment in the sector.

Need to modernize banking services in terms of voice servers, electronic banking and international Swift.

Telecommunications and ICT

The domestic supply in Information Technology and Communication (ICT) has so far considerable limitations that hinder the development of the sector and private investment. Access to the Internet is essentially limited to the largest cities (Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire) with costs of materials and particularly exorbitant connection.

Pending the outcome of the proposed optical fiber, the only means of access to the Internet are based on current satellite access with relay-based wireless local loop (wimax and wifi), or by switched telephone network (PSTN) Congo Telecom, and secondarily by the GPRS via mobile phone networks.


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