Investment opportunities in Comoros

Investment opportunities in Comoros

There are many investment opportunities in Comoros in different sectors like agricultural sector, energy sector, education, transport sector, ICT sector among others as they can be seen below:

Education sector The government is struggling to upgrade education and technical training and as such creates the following opportunities

  • Building schools
  • Lack of adequate trained personnel in the education sector
  • Lack of instructional materials

Health sector

  • Building more health centers to provide health services to the people especially in rural areas.
  • Need for skilled health workers
  • Sensitization of people on family planning methods to reduce the high population growth rate

Agricultural Sector

  • Installation of small and medium enterprises for processing agricultural products for the local market.
  • Agricultural Mechanization & Technical Assistance
  • Training farmers on better farming methods
  • Meat processing industries
  • Fertilizer industries
  • Tools factories and other agricultural equipments
  • Cattle production
  • Animal feed production
  • Consultant Engineering
  • All kinds of Production /Marketing Technical & Material Assistance

Transport Sector The transport system lacks adequate roads hence creating opportunity for construction and maintenance of existing ones.

Tourism sector

  • Development of beaches on the Islands
  • Development of forest landscapes as part of promoting the ecological and cultural tourism through the creation of leisure resorts and relays.

ICT sector

  • Electronic card manufacturing
  • software development
  • Technical support and assistance
  • Call centers
  • Remote data centers
  • Development of WIFI services
  • Development of electronic cash

Industry sector

  • Industrial engineering
  • Maintenance of machinery
  • Logistics
  • Platform (transport, transit office etc.)
  • Accounting and consulting firms
  • Vocational training centers


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