Comoros National Investment Promotion Agency

Comoros National Investment Promotion Agency

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Comoros’ Investment Promotion Agency (ANPI)

L’Agence Nationale pour la Promotion des Investissements (ANPI), Comoros’ Investment Promotion Agency is the main institution in charge of promoting investment and liaising with international investors interested in Comoros.

The agency was established as a result of the adoption of the Investment Code of 2007 and came into existence in December 2008 under the authority of the new government department in charge of investments. The Comoros Investment Promotion Agency was created to operate under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Investments.

ANPI acts as the liaison between the government and international investors. It provides a number of services to investors such as carrying out business registration procedures and issuing licenses. It also makes it easier for investors to obtain the necessary permits and duty exemptions, and monitors investments made.

To promote the country as an attractive investment destination,
Serve as a one-stop-con for developers and holders of investment projects
Make any proposals and recommendations on the implementation of the Investment Code in Ministry,
Ensure compliance with general and specific obligations of the Investment Code and its formal approval
Make any recommendations for possible sanctions
Produce an annual report to the Ministry in charge

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