N’Djamena City

N’Djamena City


N’Djamena is the capital and largest city of Chad. N’Djamena is a port on the Chari River near the confluence with the Logone River. It is adjacent to Cameroon to which it is connected by a bridge.

History of N’Djamena

N’djamena is a French word meaning “place of rest.” N’Djamena City was founded in 1900 across the Chari River from Fort-Fureau where French colonial troops defeated and killed the Sudanese adventurer Rābiḥ az-Zubayr. It was named Fort-Lamy after a French major who also died in the battle, and it remained a small Kotoko settlement until after Chad’s independence in 1960. Its name was changed to N’Djamena in 1973, and the city was occupied by Libyan forces in 1980–81 during the civil war that had begun in the mid-1960s.


N’Djamena has an estimated population of about 1 million people.

Mayors of N’Djamena

Djimet Ibet became the first elected mayor of N’Djamena City in 2012. He was however suspended from office on charges of corruption. Since then Mrs. Itir Deby has been the acting mayor of the city. All former mayors of the city were presidentially appointed.

Attractions in N’Djamena

  • Douguia
  • Hadjer el Hamis
  • Zakouma National Park
  • Grande Mosquee
  • Lake Chad
  • Chad National Museum