About Us

About Us

Africa is blessed with plenty of natural resources which include mineral resources, forests, rivers, lakes and savannah land among others. Majority of the resources remain unexploited because of lack of capacity to exploit them and Africa has in the past lacked concerted effort to attract development partners to exploit the resources for economic development of the continent.

Africa has also lagged behind because of unbalanced negative publicity through the international media. The negative publicity over the years has tended to keep away potential investors and visitors from Africa. It is important over the last few years there has been a wind of change about Africa. The global economic crisis has made the global public and business leaders realize the importance of Africa in the global economic arena.

The potential partners for the development of Africa are facing a challenge of lack adequate information from the various countries and sectors for purposes of committing themselves to invest in Africa. Potential investors and visitors require information on Africa in order to assess for themselves the conduciveness of the environment.

Fortune of Africa has been therefore launched with a commitment of making adequate and reliable information on the various countries and sectors of Africa readily available to the investors, policy makers and the general public. The main purpose of providing the information is to inspire positive actions from the users.

Fortune of Africa welcomes contributions in the form of articles or other information aimed at enhancing the value of the information centre. Fortune of Africa is also committed to keeping the information as current as possible for the benefit of the users.