Attractions in Chad

Attractions in Chad

Zakouma National Park
Zakouma National Park, the first national park established in 1963,  is located  approximately 800km by road south east of N’djaména.  It has 373 bird species and it is the only place in Africa where you will find so many elephants one herd of over 500 and over 120 lions.

The Chad National Museum
The Chad National Museum is the national museum of Chad located in the capital city of N’Djamena at near Avenue Felix Eboue. The National Museum in N’Djamena has Chadian weapons, musical instruments and masks.

Soborom geothermal field and Yerike hot spring
These are large geothermal field with fumaroles, mud pots and boiling water located some 5 km north-west from the crater rim of Tarso Voon in Tibesi.

Sahelanthropus tchadensis Hominid sites
These are oldest known representative of the human lineage who possibly lived 7 million years ago.

Hominid sites are located north of 16 ” parallel more than 800km north of N’Djamena in dune erg Djourab’s believed to be the oldest after the split between the ancestors of chimpanzes and humans located in Bourkou and Kanem.

Gonoa Valley
This is a valley located in Tibesti and is very rich with prehistoric paintings and petroglyphs – here have been counted 636 cliff paintings, including images of 44 elephants and 22 rhinos, 79 giraffes, 346 cattle and mysterious carving of a man. 

Niola Doa
Rock carvings, created circa 3000 BC located in Ennedi. Drawings show five, up to 2.25 m tall figurines of women with voluptuous forms, bodies seem to be adorned with abstract paintings or tatoos.

The Yi Yerra hot springs
The Yi Yerra hot springs is located on the southern flank of Emi Koussi, elevation.. A dozen hot springs are also located at the Soborom geothermal field on the northwest side of Tarso Voon, where water emerges at temperatures ranging between 40°C to 45°C.

Tibesti Mountains
The Tibesti Mountains are a mountain range in the central Sahara, primarily located in the extreme north of Chad on the border between Chad and Libya, around 1,000 kilometres north of N’djamena.

The range is adjacent to Niger and located approximately halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Chad, just south of the Tropic of Cancer, the range includes five shield volcanoes and large craters

The Saharomontane flora and fauna, which include the Rhim gazelle and Barbary sheep, have adapted to the mountains.

The Tibesti and its surroundings could contain significant quantities of uranium, tin, tungsten, niobium, beryllium, lead, zinc, copper, platinum, and nickel. Gold, diamonds and emeralds have been found in small quantities.

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Tibesti Mountains

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