Attractions in Central African Republic

Attractions in Central African Republic

The Bangui Magnetic Anomaly
It is one of the earth’s largest crustal anomalies and the largest in Africa.

The Boganda Museum in Bangui
It exhibits traditional musical instruments, weapons, village architecture, hunting tools, pottery, and religious objects.

The Place de la République
This is a large white arch built as a monument to Jean-Bedel Bokassa, the  dictator who was overthrown in 1979.

Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park
Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park is the Central African Republic’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest park in the savannas of Central Africa. It is  home to wild dogs, leopards and cheetahs, among some 57 mammal species including endangered species such as black rhinos, elephants and hipposand 320 bird species.

N’Dele, a town in the northeast of the country, is on the tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site list, in part because of the fortified wall and palace (“The Tata”) constructed there in the 19th century by order of the Sultan Senoussi. The Sultan’s residential quarters remain, as do the houses of his family and close associates and the gory site of an execution chamber. The Kaga-Kpoungouvou caves outside the fortified city are also notable as a place of refuge where indigenous people fled to escape slave traders during the Sultan’s reign.

Les Chutes de la Mbi is a 656-foot cascade where the Upper Mpoko River meets the Oubangui River. The natural beauty of the site — best observed from a nearby bridge — has earned it a place on the tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The Chutes de Boali is a 164-foot waterfall that is at its peak flow during the rainy season.

Boali Falls
Boali Falls are located on M’Bari River about 100 km northwest of the national capital, Bangui with impressive vegetation and trees growing besides the fall.

There are built hydroelectric power plants upstreams and downstreams from the falls supplying the capital of the country – Bangui – with electric power and 13 other towns.


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