Attractions in Cape Verde

Attractions in Cape Verde

The Monumento de Diogo Gomes
The Monumento de Diogo Gomes, named after the Portuguese navigator who discovered the island of Santiago in 1460.

Jaime Mota Barracks
Jaime Mota Barracks (Quartel Jaime Mota) this is one of the old buildings in Africa dating from 1826.

Santiago Island
This is the largest island of Cape Verde located between the islands of Maio 40 km west and Fogo 50 km east and is one of the Sotavento. It was the first of the islands to be settled, the town of Cidade Velha being founded as Riberia Grande in 1462. It is also home to the nation’s capital city of Praia and to one of the islands’ four international airports; Praia International Airport located 3 km from the capital.

The Island offers interesting historical site, beaches, dive spots and hiking trails.

Creole Culture was first born on Santiago Island and later exported to the Caribbean, Brazil, and along the coastline of Africa deep into the Indian Ocean to the Seychelles and Mombasa.

Pedra lume salt crater
This is an extinct volcano located in Pedra lume village  in the eastern part of the island of Sal village about 5 km east of Espargos that has been famous for its salt mines which began around the 18th century and this village  is the most ancient, and the home of the first salt workers.

Santa Maria Beach
This is an 8km long white sand beach located on the Island of Sal with its warm clear waters. A variety of Marine Excursions and organised Water Sports are provided as well as bars and a disco.

Presidential Palace
Presidential Palace this was constructed in the end of the 19th century to house the Portuguese governor until in 1975 when Cape Verde gained independence.

Nossa Senhora do Rosário church
The oldest colonial church in the world is Nossa Senhora do Rosário church in Cidade Velha, Cape Verde built in Manueline Gothic style in 1493 as the first Christian chapel in sub-Saharan Africa and in 1495 it was extended to its current size. Church was used also for burial of local nobleman.

Club Hotel Riu Funana
Club Hotel Riu Funana/Garopa(Sal) is  the largest hotel in all of West Africa with over 1000 rooms located in Cabocan Lote A2, A3, Santa Maria, Cape Verde

The Royal Fort of San Felipe (Fortaleza Real de San Felipe)
The Royal Fort of San Felipe is located in Cidade Velha and was built in the context of the Philippine Dynasty after the attacks of Corsair English Francis Drake in 1578 and November 17 of 1585, with the mission to defend the city and its anchorage.

The Jardim Botânico
The Jardim Botânico is the only botanical garden in Cape Verde and is the westernmost in the entire Africa, The garden is located in Assomada, it features plants including flowers, palm trees, hydrangeas, hibiscuses, and many more native of Cape Verde.

Pico do Fogo
Pico do Fogo is the highest peak of Cape Verde, rising to 2,829 metres above sea level. It is an active stratovolcano lying on the island of Fogo. The main cone last erupted in 1675, causing mass emigration from the island.

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