Transport system in Yaoundé City in Cameroon

Transport system in Yaoundé City in Cameroon

Yaoundé is the capital city of Cameroon with a population of over 2.440 million people and an area of over 180 km².   The common means of public transport within the city are as follows:


Most public transport services within the cities are offered by buses. The buses connect Yaoundé to all major cities in Cameroon.


The most popular and convenient way to travel north from Yaoundé is by train, which runs all the way to N’Gaoundéré. There is a choice of comfortable 1st-class couchettes (sleeping compartments) in a four-/two-bed cabin; 1st-class airline-style seats and crowded 2nd-class benches.

The train has a restaurant car where you can buy some good meals.  1st class passengers are served in their couchette.


Public transport within the cities is handled by taxis. Most of them are yellow and they dominate the traffic in the cities.

There are different types of taxis

  • Taxi ramassage

These taxis go on a special route. You share them with other passengers and have to know where you have to change to another taxi to get to your destination.

  • Taxi course

These taxis transport only one passenger to the destination of his or her choice. These taxis are metered.

  • Taxi depot

These are metered taxis which can take you   to the destination of your choice but the driver is free to pick any other passengers on the way.

Special Hire Taxis

These are privately owned vehicles that transport people to different areas around Yaoundé and the suburbs. The Special Hire Taxis have no defined routes but move accordingly to the customer’s instructions.

Motor Cycles (Les MOTO)

Motor Cycles are common means of transport in Yaoundé which can reach places which cannot be easily reached using the other means, they are known as fast and cheap public transport.

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