Highest forest cover

Highest forest cover

Cameroon is among the countries with the highest forest cover in Africa. They account for more than six percent of the nation’s GDP. Forest cover in Cameroon is around 20 million hectares but independent studies put the forest cover at around 22.5 million ha, or 48% of the national territory (de Wasseige et al. 2009). The forest is made up of two major types: dense forests and other forests. Dense forests make up the majority of Cameroon’s forests and are estimated to cover 17 million ha.

The importance of the forest is related to its multiple and sometimes conflicting uses and functions at local, national and global levels. From a conservation perspective, the forest constitutes a crucial reservoir of biodiversity, including many endemic species, and its contribution to climate regulation and other environmental services has now been established.

Statistics for Cameroon Forest

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