Cameroon’s Vision 2035

Cameroon’s Vision 2035

Cameroon’s Vision for the next 25-30 years is to be an “emerging, democratic and united country in diversity “.


The overall objective of the vision is to make Cameroon an emerging country over the next 25-30 years which is the period required to move from one generation to another.

The vision also has medium-term objectives, notably:

(i)   Poverty alleviation

(ii)  Becoming a middle income country,

(iii)  Becoming a newly industrialized country and

(iv) Consolidating democracy and national unity while respecting the country’s diversity.

The vision is based on the results of retrospective studies, identification of needs and aspirations of the people and political ambitions.

The vision synchronizes the aspirations and visions expressed by the various stakeholders and is summarized as follows

  • A united and indivisible nation enjoying peace and security;
  • A true, strong and fair democracy;
  • A decentralized administration at the service of development;
  • A prosperous economy with good infrastructure;
  • An economy based on sub-regional, regional and global integration;
  • Controlled population growth;
  • A nation that promotes gender parity in electoral processes and equality in elective positions;
  • A socially and economically empowered woman;
  • A stable and harmonious family;
  • Access to basic and quality social services by all;
  • Independence and accessibility of the judiciary;
  • Minimal poverty, illiteracy and social exclusion rates;
  • An attractive Cameroonian culture united in diversity, and assertive at the international level;
  • Low unemployment and underemployment rates;
  • Well-trained youth exalting merit and country’s expertise;
  • A fair distribution of resources between urban and rural areas, and between the various regions of the country.

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