Proven oil and gas reserves in Cameroon

Proven oil and gas reserves in Cameroon

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Oil and gas are natural resources present in Cameroon, the Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH) – the state oil company – overseas all the oil and gas-related activity in the country.

Cameroon has about 200 million barrels of proven oil reserves and one of the largest gas reserves in Africa estimated at over 4.77 trillion cubic feet.

The majority of Cameroon’s oil (89%) can be found in the offshore Rio del Rey Basin, while the rest (11%) is within the Douala Basin. Notable oil fields in the country include: Bayo Asoma oil field, Bao bakassi oilfield, Ekoundou Oil Field, KF Oil field, Kita Edem oil field, Kole Marine oil field, Kribi oil field and Lipenja oil field. There are two gas fields in Cameroon, which are: Sanaga Sud field and Sandy Gaz field.

In 2008, the National Hydrocarbon Company of Cameroon entered into partnership with Gaz de France Suez to develop a Liquefied natural Gas export plant in Cameroon. Some of the companies involved in oil and gas production and exploration in Cameroon are ExxonMobil Cameroon, Bowleven plc Cameroon, and Victoria Oil and Gas.

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