Investment opportunities in Cameroon

Investment opportunities in Cameroon

Investment opportunities in mining sector

  • Gold, About 140 targets found within the boundaries of the vast consider which includes western part of central Africa, southern part of Chad, Eastern part of Cameroon and the Adamawa province.Artisan exploitation going on for more than 50years, Artisan production about 1500kg per annum.
  • Diamond, 17 targets are documented. 9 presently exploited by artisan industry in the border zone with C.A.R. and about 26 small scale mining sites exist. Significant diamond occurrences found of late along 700km border with C.A.R
  • Aluminium, 6 bauxites occurrences and deposits have been discovered. Mini martap deposit has a capacity of 1.116 billion tones with 43.7% of alumina and  1.8% of silica, Georgica reserves for the deposit estimated at about 2billion tons. Potential 5th or 6th in world reserve.
  • Iron, Approximately 25 iron target deposit discovered, Mamelles deposit in the south of  kribi has 330m3, Mbalan deposits have reserves of 807mt of which 220mt make up more than 60% of iron and 587 mt make up 22-38% of iron ore.
  • Titanium, More than 65% targets discovered over close to a 50,000km2 area. Recent studies indicate 3million tons of alluvial titanium reserves for the akno henji area. Good concentration found along the sea coast estimated at about 500000tons of taniferous iron ore. Cameroon has 2nd largest reserves in the world after sierra Leone.
  • Cobalt, Occurrences and deposits presently found in the eastern province of Cameroon evaluated at close to 200000tonsof cobalt metal accompanied by an appreciable tonnage of nickel and manganese.

Upstream and downstream business opportunities exist as soon as production gets operational.

Investment opportunities in Agricultural Sector

Main opportunities exist in the;

  • Transformation of cocoa and coffee, tea, sugar, maize, millet, sorghum, bananas and oil-palm, rubber, tubes for exports.
  • Setting up of large agricultural plantations within these sectors.
  • Installation of small and medium enterprises for processing agricultural products for the local market.

Investment opportunities in Tourism sector

The country has a lot of natural attractions and many other phenomena that are not found anywhere else in the world, making it possible to have various categories of tourism and thus potential for tourism



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