Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Sector

Burundi’s real estate sector is still in its infancy stage following civil war disruptions that left the country in a mess, following the prevailing political stability in the country the real estate sector has started developing in urban areas of Burundi more especially in Bujumbura

Real Estate Sector Regulatory Framework

Ministry Of Water, Environment, Land Management and Urban Planning

The Ministry of Water, Environment, Land Management and Urban Planning was reorganized by Decree No. 100/108 of November 22, 2005

It is empowered for everything that concerns the development and implementation of national policy in the field of water, environment, land management, and the urban sector.

It has the following objectives:

  • Promoting a coordinated management of the environment.
  • Sound management of land, water, forests, and air.
  • Preservation of ecological balance; and conservation of biodiversity.

The General Directorate of Urban Planning and Buildings: This General Directorate takes care of the design and execution of Government policy in urbanization. It provides management, land allocation and designation, and declared urban land use. It coordinates all activities undertaken by other stakeholders in urban center development.

National Urban Planning and Housing Policy
National Urban Planning and Housing Policy is to promote social development and allow each Burundian to have access to high quality housing and basic services. The target is to develop 855 ha of land and construct 26 000 homes annually. Specific goals include strengthening the institutional framework of the sector to promote urban development and the gradual improvement of the housing; ensuring a decent home for every segment of the population; preventing the deterioration of living conditions in urban areas; and establishing sustainable urban areas in the country

Real estate sector has been summarized to include the following

Real Estate Sector Profile

Land in Burundi

Investment opportunities in the Real sector

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