Land Tenure in Burundi

Land Tenure in Burundi

Burundi‘s formal law recognizes state and private land.

State land
State land includes land classified as public land (e.g., rivers, lakes). Under the law, all land that is not occupied is considered state land.

Private state land
Private state land, which includes all state land not classified as public, including vacant land, forests, land expropriated for public use, and land purchased by the state.

Temporary rights of occupation are available on land classified as private state land (GOB Land Code 1986).

Under customary law, land in Burundi is generally held individually, rather than by lineage. Families obtained land through clearing and using the land or purchasing land. Wealthier individuals may also own rights to pastureland and forest areas. Access to the forest and grazing land is generally shared with neighbors and relatives, who are permitted to use the land for grazing and collection of forest products.