Lake Rwihinda

Lake Rwihinda is a small lake in north western Burundi located near Kirundo Town, 120 kilometers from Bujumbura Town at an altitude of about 1480 meters above sea level covering an area of 425 hectares located 42 kilometers south east from Muhinga Town, 165 kilometers from Bujumbura. It has latitudes/longitudes of 2°32′-2°34’S/30°03′-30°06’E It is a shallow water body oriented South East to North West. It is 6 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide at the south end and it is flanked by an extensive belt of permanent swamps on its southern shore and drains to the Akagera River from its north western end.

It is an ideal place for bird watching as it a home of several birds including Zambezian Biome, Falco Naumanni, Ardeola Idea, Gallinago Media, Circus Macrourus,Guinea-Congo Forests Biome and Afrotropical Highlands Biome,White-collared Oliveback, Northern Brown-throated Weaver, Red-chested Sunbird, Sharpe’s Pied-babbler, Papyrus Yellow Warbler, White-winged Scrub-warbler, Carruthers’s Cisticola, Papyrus Gonolek, Red-faced Barbet and Ring-necked Francolin.

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