Lake Cohoha

Lake Cohoha  is located between near Rutega in Burundi about 124 kilometers from Bujumbura Town about lies between 2°20′ and 2°35′ Southern latitude, and 29°58′ and 30°11′ of Eastern longitude at 1,351 m of altitude.

With a surface of 7,850 hectares, the lake is presented in the form of a lengthened corridor of 27 km long and 0.4 – 1.8 km width. On the right and on the left are ramifications both numerous and long (0.4 km width and up to 8 km long)

The average depth is 7 m and varies from 5 -7 m towards the North and 8 – 10 m in the Southern part. The bottom of the lake is sandy or gravely all along the littoral zone except at the bottom of bays where it is muddy. It is one of the most attractive areas of cross border lakes with Yaranda beach, agricultural banks and papyrus 

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