The Judiciary of Burundi

The Judiciary of Burundi

The judicial system in Burundi is based upon the French and German customary law. The judiciary comprises of the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Tribunals of First Instance and Constitutional Courts.

Supreme Court

The President of the Supreme Court of Burundi is Adrien Nyankiye. The Burundi Supreme Court consists of nine members including the president. The Supreme Court is divided into three chambers, namely, administrative chamber, judicial chamber and chamber of cassation. The united chambers of the court monitor the rules of the judicial chamber and any other chamber belonging to Supreme Court or any other body holding the same rank.

Court of Appeal

The court of Appeal of Burundi Constitutes 3 courts based at Bujumbura, Ngozi, and Gitega

High Court

The High Court of Burundi judiciary constitutes the Supreme Court as well as the Constitutional Court. In the year 1992, the constitution of Burundi introduced a number of courts for reviewing all the newly made laws.

Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court ensures all laws are strictly adhering to the Constitution of Burundi.