Investment Facilitation

Investment Facilitation

The government offers facilitation to investors through its various government departments in the following ways:

  • The government of Burundi through its body for investment, The Burundi Investment Promotion Agency (API) provides information on investment opportunities in Burundi to potential and actual investors.
  • Issues investment licenses, as well as assisting in securing other licenses and secondary approvals for investors.
  • Assists investors in seeking joint venture partners and funding; and reviews and makes policy recommendations to government about investment

Investment facilitation has been arranged to include the following

Burundi Investment Promotion Agency (API)

Federal Chamber Of Commerce and Industry of Burundi (CFCIB)

Women’s Association of Affairs of Burundi (AFAB)

Consumers Association of Burundi (ACOBU)

Burundi Freight Forwarders Association

Burundi Manufacturers Association