Infrastructure and Transport

Infrastructure and Transport

Burundi’s transport infrastructure is very limited. Infrastructure plays a major role in the movement of goods and services as well as factor inputs from places of supply to places of demand.

The country mainly depends on road transport for transportation of good s and services. A crumbling network of 14,480 kilometers of roads, of which 1,028 kilometers are paved. The road network is used by 19,000 passenger cars and 12,300 commercial vehicles.

Rail Network
Burundi does not possess any railway infrastructure, although there are proposals to connect Burundi to its neighbours via railway. Most notably, the East African Railway Master Plan is a proposal for rejuvenating existing railways serving Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and extending them initially to Rwanda and Burundi and eventually to South Sudan, Ethiopia and beyond.

The Bujumbura International Airport, which is situated in the capital city of Bujumbura is a the only hub of Airlines flying to and from Burundi

The country has four fixed telephone lines per 1,000 inhabitants mostly in urban areas. While 90% of the population lives in rural areas and 90% of subscribers are located in urban areas, network coverage in the country is very low. There are six operators, the largest of which is U–Com (formerly known as Télécel), a company that was recently privatized. Other operators include the public operator ONATEL, which offers fixed and mobile telephony services, followed by foreign private operators Africell, Econet, Lacell SU and HITS

As regards to Internet, estimates point to 14,000 users in Burundi, five users per 1,000 inhabitants. Internet service providers include CBINET, USAN Burundi, ONATEL and U–Com.

Energy sector
There is increased demand for Power in Burundi thus Burundi plans to build 50MW dam, the European Investment Bank (EIB) is financing 50% of a 50 Megawatts hydroelectric power dam on Jiji and Murembwe rivers. The project will be executed in partnership with the World Bank and the Burundian Government.