Ownership of land by Foreign Investors in Burundi

Ownership of land by Foreign Investors in Burundi

Foreigners are granted equal protections to person and property by the Constitution, without restrictions on foreign ownership of land (GOB Constitution 2005; USDOS 2009). However, there is little land available, the administration is relatively heavy and the political context not stable, and Burundi has so far not attracted many foreign investors In the agricultural sector

Donor support programs
Donor support with respect to land governance is related to land law and administration, the resettlement of refugees and to building capacity for mediation and conflict resolution.

  • Active donors are USAID (land policy); the EU, through the Good Governance (Gutwara Neza) project (justice sector, decentralized land registration).
  • The Swiss –in silent partnership with the Netherlands- undertake a pilot program of decentralized land management in the province of Ngozi. Other donors (FIDA, CTB, and the Dutch NGO ZOA) are also engaged in decentralized land registration.
  • CTB, FIDA and FAO work on the development of the “marais”.
  • UNHCR assists the government with developing a strategy to settle returning refugees, resulting in the creation of “Peace Villages” or integrated village development for returnees

Civil society organizations working on land governance
Members of International Land Coalition from Burundi:

  • Association pours la Paix et les Droits de l’Homme (APDH).
  • The Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) participates actively in national and international discussions on land governance.
  • “Global rights” also coordinates the civil society platform in the SDC- Netherlands supported programme around land governance
  • There are many NGOs providing assistance to communities in resolving land disputes, including ACCORD, Search for Common Ground, Advocats Sans Frontières, the Burundi Women Lawyers Organization.