Current State of Energy Sector

Current State of Energy Sector

Burundi`s energy consumption relies to a great extent on biomass. Households are the main consumers of energy in the country, accounting for 94% of total consumption. Their needs are almost exclusively met by traditional biomass (99%). Electricity (0.3%), and oil products (0.4%) play an insignificant role. If industry and transport is included, 94% of all energy consumption relies on biomass, which is composed by around 70% of fuel wood, 18% of agricultural residues, 6% of charcoal, and 1% of bagasse. Energy sector has been strongly affected by the socio-political crisis, last years. Burundi faces severe constraints in electricity supply, the supply deficit currently varies between 12.9 MW during the wet season and 23.5 MW during the dry season when the country’s main hydropower plants are running at reduced capacity. The deficit in the power supply leads to frequent outages. The energy program stays the main priority of the Government after the political crisis, emphasizing sector strategy for rehabilitation and strengthening infrastructure and extension of rural electrification Current state of energy in Burundi has been summarized to include the following

Renewable Energy in Burundi

Non Renewable Energy Sources of Burundi

Peat reserves in Burundi