List of Burundi Rivers

List of Burundi Rivers

List of Burundi Rivers

The following are the major rivers in Burundi

Ruvubu is a river
It rises in the north of Burundi, near the town of Kayanza and then does a southward arc through Burundi, being joined by the Ruvyironza River near Gitega. From there it runs northeast, through the Ruvubu National Park, up to the Tanzanian border. After a stretch along the border, the Ruvubu crosses properly into Tanzania, before joining the Nyabarongo River on the Tanzania–Rwanda border near Rusumo Falls, to form the Kagera River.

Ruvyironza River
It rises in Burundi, and flows into the Kagera River in Tanzania, and from there into Lake Victoria, the river is 6671 kilometers long.

Ruvyironza River is a river whose waters are prominent of the southernmost source of the Nile, Rutovu, and southern Burundi.

Kagera River
It begins in Burundi, flowing out from Lake Rweru. From the lake, it flows east along the Rwanda-Burundi and Rwanda-Tanzania borders to a confluence with the Ruvubu River. The waters of the Kagera are thus provided by two major tributaries, the Nyabarongo of Rwanda, which feeds Lake Rweru, and the Ruvubu of Burundi

The Kagera rises in Burundi and flows into Lake Victoria. The Kagera is formed by the confluence of the Ruvuvu and the Nyabarongo, close to the northernmost point of Lake Tanganyika.

Ruzizi River
It emerges from the lake just east of Bukavu, Dem. Rep. of the Congo, and flows about 100 miles (160 km) generally south to Lake Tanganyika. There are gorges and numerous rapids along its upper course, where it was dammed (1958) for generation of electricity. In 1989 hydroelectric production was further expanded with the construction of an additional power station downstream.

Akanyaru River
Akanyaru meanders through a shallow valley, flanked on both banks by permanent swamps, beyond which are seasonally inundated savannas. The swamps begin at a point 2°46’S/29°50’E, from where the river flows more or less due north forming the border between Rwanda and Burundi. The swamp belt is best developed on the Burundi side, especially at the confluences of tributaries, up the valleys of which it reaches 6-10 km. There are estimated to be 14 600 ha of permanent swamps on this river in Burundi in a strip 63 kilometers long

The Nile source
The source of Nile River is located 115km from Bujumbura City at the bottom of Kibimbi massif. This source is known as the southernmost source of the sources of the Nile. It is currently viewed as the origin of the Nile. The place is foreshadowed by a signpost and a pyramid located on Mount Gikizi’s slope (2145). The source is below about fifty meters from a car park.


From the commemorative pyramid located some fifty meters above the source, excursions can be organized through nearby hills (Mount Gikizi and Kibimbi).