Burundi Profile

Burundi Profile

The Republic of Burundi also known as “the Heart of Africa,” is a landlocked country in the Great Lakes Region of Eastern Africa.

The country has a land area of 27,834 km² of which 25,650 square kilometers is land and 2180 square kilometers is Water

The Republic of Burundi and lies between 2º30’ and 4º30’ latitude South and between 28º50’ and 30º53’30’ longitude East.

The country is landlocked and bounded by the Rwanda to the North, Tanzania to the East and South and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West, with its south-western border adjacent to Lake Tanganyika

In Burundi, altitude varies between 775 metres and 2 670 metres.

Uganda’s altitude ranges from 620 meters to 5,110 meters above sea level.

Burundi is endowed with outstanding topographical features which include the Mount Heha, forests, game parks, natural lakes, hot springs and rivers

The country has four seasons which can be distinguished as the long dry season (June–August), the short wet season (September–November), the short dry season (December–January), and the long wet season (February–May).

Most of Burundi receives between 1,300 and 1,600 millimeters of rainfall a year.

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