Burundi Investment Promotion Agency (API)

Burundi Investment Promotion Agency (API)

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The agency established by Presidential Decree No. 100/177 of 19 October 2009. The API is the national body responsible for development and investment promotion in Burundi.

The Investment Promotion Authority is a government institution charged with promoting investment and facilitating market entry for investors in Burundi. API offers a range of services to potential investors including assistance in acquiring the licenses, certificates, approvals, authorizations and permits required by law to set up and operate a business enterprise in Burundi.

The mission of the API

  • The Agency’s overall mission to promote investment and export
  • Inform investors about anything related to promoting investment and export
  • Assist and support investors in general and exporters in particular in obtaining such documents and / or formalities required by law
  • Designing the reforms required to improve the business climate
  • Challenge the government on cases of non-application or misapplication of any law or regulation in connection with the promotion of investment and exports

More information about investment in Burundi can be obtained from the official website of Burundi Investment Promotion Agency