Burundi Cabinet

Burundi Cabinet

The President

His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza is the President of Burundi.

The President of Burundi is both the head of state / government of the Republic of Burundi

The Vice Presidents

The First Vice-President is Therence Sinunguruza who is responsible for political and administrative affairs

The second Vice President is Gervais Rufyikiri who is responsible for economic and social affairs

The Cabinet

The Cabinet of Burundi according to the Constitution of Burundi consists of the President, two Vice President and such number of Ministers as may appear to the President to be reasonably necessary for the efficient running of the State. The cabinet of the Government of Burundi is as follows:


Pierre Nkurunziza

First Vice President

Therence Sinunguruza

Second Vice President

Gervais Rufyikiri

Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock

Odette Kayitesi

Ministry of  Basic Education, Secondary Education, Handicrafts, Training, & Literacy

Severin Buzingo

Ministry of Civil Service, Labor, & Social Security

Annonciate Sendazirasa

Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Industry, Posts, & Tourism

Victoire Ndikumana

Ministry of Communal Development

Martin Niviyabandi

Ministry of East African Community Affairs

Hafsa Mossi

Ministry of Energy & Mines

Come Manirakiza

Ministry of External Relations & Intl. Cooperation

Laurent Kavakure

Ministry of Finance, Plans, & Development

Tabu Abdallah Manirakiza

Ministry of Good Governance & Privatization

Issa Ngendakumana

Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research

Julien Nimubona

Ministry of Interior

Edouard Nduwimana

Ministry of Justice & Keeper of the Seals

Pascal Barandagiye

Ministry of National Defense & War Veterans

Pontien Gaciyubwenge

Ministry of National Solidarity, Human Rights, & Gender

Clotilde Niragira

Ministry of Public Health & Fight Against AIDS

Sabine Ntakarutimana

Ministry of Public Security

Gabriel Nizigama

Ministry of Telecommunications, Information, Communication, & Relations With Parliament

Concile Nibigira

Ministry of Transport, Public Works, & Equipment

Moise Bucumi

Ministry of Water, Environment, Territorial Administration & Urban Planning

Jean-Marie Nibirantije

Ministry of Youth, Sports, & Culture

Jean-Jacques Nyenimigabo