Population and Health of Burundi

Population and Health of Burundi

The population of Burundi in 2012 was estimated at 10,557,259 people of which 11% live in the urban areas. The estimated population growth rate of Burundi was 3.104% in 2012 which is more than double the world average of 1.1%. The population distribution by age and gender is as follows:

Age and gender structure (2012 estimate)

Age (years)per%No of MalesNo of FemalesTotal
65 years and over2.5104391177760282151

Total population
Female                 5,326,822
Male                      5,230,437
Total                      10,557,259

Urban Population growth rate
The estimated urban population growth rate in 2011 was 10.9% and in July 2012 the urban population growth rate was 11%.

Population of Burundi
The profile of population of Burundi 2012 is as follows:
Population: 10,557,259 million (July 2012)

Population growth rate: 3.104% (2012)

Birth rate: 40.58 births/1,000 population (2012)

Death rate: 9.36 deaths/1,000 population (July 2012)

Net migration rate: -0.18 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2012)

Capital city’s population in Burundi: 455,000 (2009)

Life expectancy at birth
Male: 57.52 years
Female: 61.02 years
Total fertility rate: 6.08 children born/woman (2012)

Causes of high population in Burundi

The population of Burundi has increased very fast because of the following reasons:

  1. Increased birth rate
  2. Increased longevity
  3. Reduced infant mortality rates.
  4. Decreased death rate
  5. Lack of education
  6. Cultural influences
  7. Immigration/Emigration.

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