Do we have effective teachers in primary school?

Do we have effective teachers in primary school?

Effective teachers provide effective education to the children under conducive learning environment.  They apply the science of teaching   to fit the situation on the ground. They improve themselves through interacting with the environment and attending continuously teacher development programmes.  These teachers are liked by children because they create positive and friendly environment in class necessary for maximum intake of information.

Roles of teachers

It is important to understand the roles of teachers in our society before we moved forward. The roles are many but the following are key ones;

Role models

Children look at teachers as their role models and as such they shape the mind of the children. Quite often, the children want to become like their teachers. They take the teachers as the source of information and knowledge. They will even challenge their parents on certain aspects of the studies relying on information from teachers. It is important therefore for the teachers to live to the expectations of the children as role models. The teachers have to be smart both in mind and outlook and be well organised as a role models.



Facilitates student learning

Teachers are expected to create conducive environment to promote student learning. This may include the setting of the classes and the maximum use of teaching tools. The traditional methods of where the teachers are in front of the class talking to quiet children should be continuously questioned.



Supervision of children

Teachers are tasked to ensure the children behave in accordance with the regulations of the school and the norms of the society. The children have to be trained to become effective leaders and parents of tomorrow. The sustainable growth of our continent very much   depends on the capacity and quality of man power.

Proper guidance and advice should be given to those children who have violated school rules and are behaving contrary to the norms of society. Teachers are therefore responsible for the discipline of children. Remember maintaining discipline is not through canning of children. Canning induces fear in the children and fear hinders independent thinking which is necessary for their success in life.

I guess although many would not agree with me that we learn through the mistakes and do not bid disappointed when you make a mistake. A mistake shows something or away which does not work. You cannot develop without making mistakes and we should therefore not fear mistakes. The rule is do not get scared of making mistakes provided you do not repeat the same mistakes overtime.



Education Field trips

Learning is continuous and can take place both in the class and outside class. The field trips expose the children to the practical aspects of what they have learnt in class. They become exposed to the application of the knowledge they have learnt in class. The most important the field trips should have education value to the children. The teachers must link the knowledge in class and its application in field. Leisure should be minimised as parents do this very well.


Tips for effective teaching

There are many tips which make the teachers very effective and the following are highlights;


Planning enables the teachers to think and create organized activities that will make the children meet their goals. The plan must be reviewed regularly to ensure it is up to date. It has to capture recent developments which impact on childrens ability to learn. The planning has to take into account the curriculum and the regulatory environment in the sector


 Smartness of body and mind 

The teachers have to be smart both in body and mind if they have to get the respect of the children. The teacher has to read widely in order to remain relevant and knowledgeable.



Relationship between children and teachers

The teachers have to cultivate good relationships with the children so as to enhance the trust level between teachers and children. Building profitable relationship with the children is a continuous activity and adequate time has to be allocated.



Use of information technology in lesson delivery

Technology if well applied makes the delivery of the education materials more effective. The children will love learning if technology like TVs, computers and internet are applied. The teachers must be able to apply information technology in their class.



Teaching tools

 These give better and effective impact on the mind of children. The tools may include things like toys, songs, drums, TVs and radios among others.  The teacher has to be creative and innovative enough to make the class learning a quite lovely exercise.

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Teaching methods

Select the teaching methods that give better results in terms of intake of knowledge by the children. The teaching methods could include the following;

  • Tradition teaching
  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Drama

The tradition teaching where a teacher talks to quiet children has to be modified as effective communication is two ways.

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What makes an effective teacher?

As you have seen, there are many things which make a teacher effective and the list cannot be exhausted.  Ms Gipps provides the following useful summary of the research work on what the good primary schoolteacher should concentrate on:

  • Focus on the whole class rather than individuals;
  • Use whole-class teaching while offering help to individuals or co-operative group work in which children help each other;
  • Teach one subject at a time;
  • Praise children as much as possible;
  • Have high expectations;
  • Encourage challenging talk rather than quiet, busy work;
  • Use a variety of teaching styles;
  • Allow children some independence and be democratic rather than autocratic about work and discipline;
  • Match work to a child’s ability.

The tradition image of the teacher standing at the front of the quiet class is being challenged by the above.



The success of the children will very much depend on how effective they are in imparting knowledge to the children. A very well acted part of life is never forgotten. Therefore the children should be encouraged to be the actors in the development of their mindset.


Author: John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,

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