Investment Incentives in Burkina Faso

Investment Incentives in Burkina Faso

All investment specific incentives are outlined in the revised investment code, act number 007-2010/AN. The incentives are applied uniformly to both domestic and foreign investors.

For example, new firms with investment greater than or equal to one hundred million francs CFA (USD 200,000) and less than 500 million CFA (USD 1 million) pay a customs duty of 5% on operational equipment and the first batch of spare parts. The new company is exempt from value added tax on value added due on such equipment. In addition to the above advantages, a company whose investment is from USD 1 – 2 billion and creates at least thirty jobs can benefit from other advantages.

Additionally, all companies that use at least 50 percent locally supplied raw materials are exempted from trading taxes and receive a 50 percent reduction in customs taxes in addition to the elimination of other duties.

These companies are also eligible to waive excise duties on production equipment and spare parts.

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