Burkina Faso Vision 2025

Burkina Faso Vision 2025

“Burkina 2025″ is” The Burkina Faso, a nation solidarity, progress and justice that consolidates compliance on the international scene.

  • The nation solidarity refers to inculturation in openness, unity and peace
  • The nation of progress refers to springs and expected progress
  • Nation of justice refers to foundations governance
  • Consolidating the nation are on the respect refers to international geopolitics World.

Purpose of the vision:

Building a nation prosperous, radiant and respected Africa and the world

To achieve the purpose of the vision “Burkina 2025”, four poles were determined

  • Social
  • Economic
  • Policy
  • Diplomatic

Strategic orientations

  • Development of the pillars of  accelerated growth
    • Accelerated growth model: (i) promoting growth poles, (ii) development of sectors production and (iii) promotion of niches and clusters and (iv) promoting a pro-poor growth
    • Development of priority sectors: (i) Agriculture, (ii) Mines, (iii) Crafts (iv) Industries culture and tourism, and (v) SMEs / SMIs.
    • Promotion of economic integration and Foreign Trade: the opportunities it offers and providing opportunities for domestic production.
    • Development of infrastructure to support: (i) Agropastoral, (ii) transport and logistics, (iii) ICT (iv) Energy (v) Urbanization and (vi) Institutions Support.
  • Consolidation of human capital and promotion of social protection;
    • Job creation to increase revenues to improve living conditions and reduce poverty
    • Development of education, training and education, professional technical
    • Improving the health of the population
    • Drinking water and sanitation
    • Promotion of social protection
    • Access to energy services modern
  • Strengthening Governance;
    • Strengthening economic governance through capacity building control and economic management, control public finances and the coordination of the effectiveness of aid
    • Strengthening political governance by strengthening the republican character of institutions
    • Strengthening of administrative governance by administration of a construction Republican Development
    • Strengthening local governance through promoting local development
  • Considerations of priorities cross in policies and development programs.
    • Promotion of gender equality by strengthening programs to reduce inequalities kind
    • Population management by strengthening programs controlling the growth demographic
    • Sustainable management of the environment and the optimal use of natural resources
    • Planning for implementation the land policy
    • Capacity by setting implementation of the National Building Policy of capacity
    • Promotion of Competitive Intelligence for anticipate the economic environment and identify opportunities for the country

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