Investment Opportunities in Burkina Faso

Investment Opportunities in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has a central geographical location  at the heart of West Africa and is a member  of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA). The country’s competiveness stems from its geographical position, the strong domestic demand for food products and an existing open and promising regional market.

The Burkina Faso Government set up a legislative and regulatory framework which is conducive, innovative and attractive with a strong policy for private investment protection, guarantee and promotion.

The following are investment opportunities in Burkina Faso.          

Information communication technology

  • Networking of the national territory (backbone) through optical fiber
  • Building of regional (backbone)
  • Development of WIFI services, WIMAX and CDMA
  • Development of electronic cash

Real estate                                                  

  • Construction of housing as part of the council houses programme
  • Building construction as part of the specific real estate projects related to the servicing of urban lands and the construction of housing estates;
  • Development of economic growth centres in towns through the establishment of commercial activity zones, zones for various activities and industrial zones.


  • There exists opportunities in building solar power plants in the Koudougou region for the production of electricity for telecommunication plants.
  • There are good opportunities for setting up gas-based power plants in Burkina Faso.
  • Other opportunities include: building of solar power plants with a high production capacity, building of thermal power plants, construction of hydro-electric structures

Mining and minerals

  • There are minerals in many other non exploited mines with manganese, zinc, copper, limestone, phosphate and bauxite.
  • Mining sector liberalisation, these mines can be exploited by the private sector.
  • The overall mining production expected from existing deposits is at least 260 tonnes of metal gold.


  • setting-up of milk processing plants
  • development of plants of animal feed concentrate for livestock or poultry
  • building of refrigerating slaughterhouses
  • setting-up of leather items manufacturing plants
  • establishment of produce processing plants: crops, fruits, vegetables and oil, Shea-butter
  • setting-up of textile industries (cotton fiber processing plants).


  • Cotton production, genetically modified varieties, ginning, processing, textile production and other value added processes
  • Commercial farming: various crops like rice, white beans, cotton, sheanut, oilseeds like sesame, peanuts and cashew, other fruits and vegetables, supply of high yielding variety of seeds,
  • Processing: all processes like storage, packaging
  • Livestock: meat production and processing, production of improved seeds in the field of forage crops, installation of artificial insemination centers, establishment of modern infrastructure (laboratories and equipment control quality etc.)
  • Dairy production and products, installation of modern processing units
  • Handicrafts: construction of a new craft village in Bobo Dioulasso, extension of the craft village Ouagadougou


  • The country’s provides massive scope in the transport sector, for maintaining the existing assets and improving logistics demand.
  • The country aspires to build a good international road network, with a performing international transit system which enables Burkina Faso to be a hub for UEMOA and ECOWAS states
  • Railway linking Abidjan-Bobo-Ouaga-Kaya covering 1 200 km is also envisaged
  • There is a need is to reduce cost of electricity by developing the power trade and improving the operational efficiency of the national power utility.
  • There are opportunities for the construction of Ouagadougou new airport (Donsin) and Bobo-Dioulasso, administration of the airport activities by private investors, including various service deliveries (handling, parking, cathering and security).


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