Background and Geography of Burkina Faso

Background and Geography of Burkina Faso

The Republic of Botswana formerly the Republic of Upper Volta is a landlocked country located in West Africa. It is bordered by Mali to the north, Niger to the East, Benin to the Southeast, Togo and Ghana to the South and Ivory Coast to the Southwest.

Land Area in Burkina Faso

Agriculture       112,600 square kilometres

Forest                67,464 square kilometres

Water                400 square kilometres

Other land        93,536 square kilometres

Total Land area  274,000 square kilometers 274,200


Burkina Faso is divided into 45 administrative provinces which are divided into 301 communes.


Burkina Faso has hills with Mount Tenakourou being the highest at 747meters.

Longest Rivers

The Black Volta River (1,352 kilometers)

Largest Lake

Lake Higa

National Parks

Burkina Faso has four national Parks with Arli National Park being one of the largest.

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