Tourism in Botswana

Tourism in Botswana

The tourism industry has helped to diversify Botswana’s economy from traditional sources such as diamonds and beef and has created over 28,000 jobs in the country.

Botswana has the best tourist attractions in South Africa. The principal tourist attractions are its game reserves with hunting and photographic safaris available. Other attractions include the Okavango Delta region which during the rainy season is a maze of waterways, islands, and lakes.

The list of Botswana tourist attractions include natural attractions like the Kalahari Desert, the salt flatland expanse of Makgadikgadi pans in the central and northern parts of the African country as well as prehistoric human settlements that dot the Botswana countryside.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MEWT)

The Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism was established in recognition of the need to bring environmental issues under one roof for better coordination of policies, strategies and programs for overseeing tourism in Botswana.

National Conservation Strategy and Tourism Policy

The policy was created to promote tourism while protecting wildlife areas.

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