Economy of Botswana

Economy of Botswana

Gross Domestic Product 2012

GDP (purchasing power parity): $31.49 billion (2012 est.)

GDP real growth rate: 3.8%

GDP per capita (PPP): $16,800

GDP composition by sector

Agriculture: 2.1%

Industry: 43.7%

Services: 50.2%

Inflation: 5.7% July 2013

Currency: Botswana Pula

Business Languages

The commercial languages include the following

  • Setswana
  • English
  • Kalanga
  • Kgalagadi
  • Afrikaans


Botswana possesses 888 km of 1,067 mm gauge railway serving a number of towns and connecting the country to its neighbours.

Botswana possesses 10,217 km of highway, of which 5,620 km are paved.

Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, located 15 kilometres north of Gaborone, is the main international airport of the capital city of Botswana.

Energy in Botswana

Botswana’s energy sources consist primarily of electricity, fuel wood, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), petrol, diesel and aviation gas. Solar, biogas and biodiesel constitute a small proportion, about 1 %.

Challenges in Botswana

  • Inequality
  • Discrimination
  • extreme poverty in the rural areas
  • high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate
  • desertification
  • unequal distribution of funds



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