Benin Vision 2025

Benin Vision 2025

The vision of Benin is to be a leader among countries, a well governed nation of unity and peace with a prosperous and competitive economy, cultural influence and social well being.


  • Sustainable acceleration of economic growth and transformation is expected through
  1. -Consolidation of the macroeconomic frame work
  2. -Private sector revitalization and business development
  3. -Diversification of the economy
  4. -Promotion of regional integration and Benin’s integration into world networks
  • Infrastructural development as a factor of economic growth and improving quality of life includes
  1. Transport infrastructure
  2. Energy and water infrastructure
  3. Information and communication technology (ICT)
  4. Construction and town planning
  • Building human capital, this is through improvement in human resources will be achieved through
  1. Population growth control
  2. Promotion of development education
  3. Improvement in the quality of health and nutrition services
  4. Promotion of sustainable and decent employment
  5. Strengthening of social welfare and national solidarity and promotion of gender equality
  6. Promotion of youth, sport and leisure
  • Strengthening the quality of governance which will be achieved through
  1. Improved management of public finances
  2. Issues of god administration and political governance
  3. Security and peace
  4. Governance of statistical information and
  5. Environmental governance

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