Attractions in Republic of Congo

Attractions in Republic of Congo


Congo is believed to be the only country in Africa with highest number of pygmies’ ethnic group living in forests of numbering over 40,000. The pigmies have a rich culture and they co-exist with wild life and a lot can be learnt about wildlife through them

Odzala National Park

Odzala National Park is located in Cuvette-Ouest Region was founded in 1935.  About 80 percent of the world’s chimpanzee population is found in Congo and is part of the world’s second largest expanse of tropical rainforest and holds Africa’s densest population of western lowland gorillas and significant populations of forest elephant.

The Loufoulakari Falls

The Loufoulakari Falls lie 80 km south west of Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo at the confluence of the Loufoulakari River and the Congo River surrounded by tropical rain forests.

Musee National du Congo (National Museum of Congo)

National Museum of Congo is located in Cataractes plateau, Congo and was founded in 1965; the Musée National du Congo features a collection of Congolese art and historical artifacts.

Basilique St. Anne

The Basilique St. Anne is a beautiful church that was consecrated in 1949 located near the intersection of Avenue de la Paix and Avenue de France in Poto-Poto.

Goualougo Triangle

This is a large tract of pristine lowland rainforest located in Sanga , dubbed “The Last Eden” or “The Last Place on Earth” due to its virgin wildlife.  Local chimpanzees, as well as other animals in the forest have never met humans – it seems that humans have never lived here.

Lake Tele

The lake is believed to be a home to mokèlé-mbèmbé – purported giant reptile. The lake area is very rich with rare species of plants and animals including a population of more than 120,000 gorillas.

The market of Poto- Poto

The market of Poto-Poto is the largest market in Brazzaville Central Congo offering a variety of items including handcrafts, food, clothing, bush meat among others.

Brazzaville Golf Club

The club has a well-kept 18-hole course with sand greens. It is on the grounds of the regional headquarters of the World Health Organization, 20 minutes South from Brazzaville, and has a spectacular view of the Congo River and the rapids.