Natural resources in Angola

Natural resources in Angola

Angola is blessed with vast natural resources which include the following

Angola is endowed with proven reserves of 3.1 billions of barrels, and estimates for discovering of 1.9 billions of barrels, with main reserves of oil located in the Province of Cabinda and at the north Coast between the Soyo and Quinzau.


Angola has important reserves of gas, estimated in 50 million cubic metres.

Mineral resources
• Diamond reserves, including both kimberlite and alluvial fields, have been estimated at between 180 million and 200 million carats.
• Iron – Can be found in the provinces of Malange, Bié, Huambo, Huíla and Kwanza-North.
• Phosphate – The phosphate reserves are valued in 150 million tons and can be found in the provinces of Cabinda, Zaire and Bengo.
• Marble, black granite and quartz – Can be found in the Southeast of the country, in the provinces of Namibe and Huíla.
• Uranium – The deposits of Uranium are located close to the border with the Namibia
Other minerals include
• Gold
• Bauxite
• Copper
• Feldspar
• Lead
• Manganese
• Tin
• Wolfram
• Zinc
• Granite
• Marble
• Asphalt
• Talc
• Mica
• Fluorite
• Sulphur
• Quartz and
• Kaolin

National Parks
Angola has the following National Parks
• Bicauri National Park
• Cameia National Park
• Cangandala National Park
• Iona National Park
• Kisama National Park
• Longa-Mavinga National Park
• Luenge National Park
• Luiana National Park
• Mucusso National Park
• Mupa National Park
• Quicama National Park


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