Investment opportunities in Angola

Investment opportunities in Angola

Angola is, potentially, one of the richest countries in Africa, due to its oil and other mineral reserves, hydroelectric resources and to the good agricultural soils. Angola has abundant forest resources, especially in North Kwanza and Cabinda, with potential for wood production. The ocean in Angola is very rich in fishing resources. The mining sector (petroleum, diamonds and other minerals) reveals strong growth perspectives that will certainly stimulate the advent of both upstream and downstream industries.

Investment opportunities in Oil

The country is home to Africa’s third largest proven oil reserves – 13.5 billion barrels according to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy – and approximately 1% of the world’s total.

Assuming no further significant finds which in itself is unlikely – the country’s oil reserves will last well into the 2030s.

Current production averages 1.6 million barrels a day, with the government aiming to see production rise to 1.8 million barrels a day in 2012 and 2 million barrels a day in 2014.

Blessed with such reserves, oil contributes close to 50% of GDP, while also generating around 80% of government revenue and around 90% of export earnings

Investment opportunities in Mining

The Angolan government is actively encouraging foreign investment in the country’s mining industry, with the aim of exploiting and diversifying the country’s extensive mineral resources, these include manganese, copper, gold, phosphates, granite, marble, uranium, quartz, lead, zinc, wolfram, tin, fluorite, sulfur, feldspar, kaolin, mica, asphalt, gypsum, and talc.

Investment opportunities in Road Transportation

  • Liberalized activity
  • Tax incentives exist for investments in:

-Urban public transportation (heavy)

-Inter-provincial and inter-municipal passenger transportation (heavy)

-Medium and long haul transportation of goods (intermediate and heavy)

-The implementation of incentives for investment in a personalized taxi system is being studied.

Investment Opportunities in Railways

  • State ownership and operation, through the CFL, CFB and CFM (rail companies)
  • Marked degradation of infrastructure and rolling stock constitute a priority for the Angolan Government
  • Areas open to private investment in the concession process, arranging of funds, technical assistance and repairs, and supply of rolling stock, communi­cations, etc.
  • The government has approved a preliminary study, titled “ANGO FERRO”, to refurbish, upgrade, con­struct and extend the whole of Angola’s rail network, the implementation of which will be put in place in 4 phases:

-Regeneration of current network;

            –Upgrading of network, bringing it into line with SADC and international standards;

            –Inter-connection of the different railways in An­gola;

            –Construction of new line, extension and link to neighboring States.

Investment opportunities in Development Corridors

  • Malange, Lobito and Namibe;
  • It is the government’s view that the 3 corridors warrant the same degree of priority and constitute an open area in which both public and private investment can operate, since they act as a support for the de­velopment of the national economy, access to the sea for land-locked countries, and stimulate regional development;

Investment opportunities in Ports

  • Port system: Luanda, Lobito, Namibe, Cabinda, Soyo and Porto Amboim;
  • Independent commercial companies;
  • Leasing port: – Luanda;
  • Operating port: – Lobito, Namibe, Cabinda, Soyo and Porto Amboim;

Are open to private investment in the concession process, arranging of funds, technical assistance, supply of equipment, communications, among others

Investment opportunities in Shipping

  • Both coastal shipping and international maritime transportation in Angola are liberalized activities.

Investment opportunities in Aviation

  • Liberalized activity for domestic aviation;
  • International air transportation is an activity conditioned by the exercise of traffic rights to be negotiated with the national flag-carrier.
  • In both cases ground services can be operated by private companies.

Investment opportunities in Airports

  • Airport infrastructures are the absolute reserve of the State and are operated by by Empresa Nacional de Navegação Aérea (ENANA);
  • Private investment is possible in the infrastructure-refurbishment process and provision of services.

Investment Opportunities in Agriculture and industry

  • Waterworks Maintenance & Management
  • Consultant Engineering
  • All kinds of Production /Marketing Technical & Material Assistance
  • Agricultural Mechanization & Technical Assistance
  • Industrial Poultry Breeding
  • Cattle & Pig Breeding
  •  Investments in factories for extraction, grinding and distribution of limestone, fosfates and
  • other natural fertilizers
  • Seed production for cereals
  • Fertilizer industries
  • Agro-industries for processing maize, palm oil, sugar, soybeans, cassava etc
  • Storage and silos
  • Tools factories and other agricultural equipments
  • Agricultural mechanization
  • Fruit production and processing
  • Cattle production
  • Industrial poultry breeding
  • Animal feed production
  • Biofuels production

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