Tourism in Algeria

Tourism in Algeria

Travel and Tourism contribute about 3.6% to GDP to Algeria’s economy. The Algerian government is looking to develop the country’s travel and tourism industry, with emphasis on Saharan and cultural tourism. Since 2005, Algiers has reformed its legislation to ease foreign and local investments in the tourism industry.

Algeria also has a big craft industry with traditional crafts like carpets, pottery, metal craft and leather work. Algerian crafts are unique and vibrant in color. The craft industry is an important source of income to many Algerians.

Algeria offers a remarkable variety of opportunities for tourists including seaside tourism, Saharan tourism, mountain tourism and cultural tourism.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Tourism and Handicraft

The ministry of tourism and handicraft in Algeria is in charge of the administration of tourism services, tourism products and handicraft making and promotion.

Tourism Development Master Plan

The Tourism Development Master Plan for Algeria provides a strategic framework and a benchmark for tourism policy in the country. It runs until 2030 and is based on five essential dynamics of tourism development namely; the value of the destination Algeria, improving the quality of tourist services, the promotion of partnership between all operators and stakeholders, increased funding and the creation of new tourist poles of excellence.


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