Thank you heavenly Father

Heavenly Father, as I look back on this day and this week I thank you

  • for happy things which came to me unexpectedly or undeserved;
  • for things which turned out better than I expected;
  • for difficult things which became quite manageable when I faced up to them;
  • for the gift of life
  • for your ¬†unconditional love
  • for your mercies, forgiveness
  • and for all your uncountable blessings

Lord I ask you to forgive me for-

  • the promises I made and did not keep
  • the resolutions I took and did not carry out
  • the good intentions that I had but never fulfilled
  • the tasks that I started and never finished

Make me honest enough to see myself as I am, and humble enough to seek from you the help I need. So grant, loving Father, that what I cannot do by myself, I can do with your grace and strength.

Grant this night rest for my body and peace for my mind that I may rise tomorrow conscious of your calling and determined to serve you better.



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