Transport System in Algiers

Transport System in Algiers

Algiers is the capital city of Algeria with a population of over 3.335 million people and an area of over 1,190 km².   The common means of public transport within the city are as follows:

Underground metro transit system

It is Algeria’s first metro system and the second metro transport system in Africa. The metro serves three million inhabitants of the city of Algiers, carrying 300,000 passengers every day.The underground transit system currently has one 9.2km line with ten stations and is operated by RATP El Djazaïr.

Communal taxis

The taxi transport system covers all parts of the city and its surbubs and are marked ‘Inter-Wilaya’.  They are organized according the routes of destination and therefore it is easy to be directed where to find the taxis if one knows the route of destination.  The passenger has to alert the conductor when he or she about to reach the place of destination so that the conductor can collect the fare and also alert the driver to find appropriate stopping place

Motor Cycles

Motor Cycles are common means of transport in Algiers which can reach places which cannot be easily reached using the other means.


Buses serve most parts of the city, leaving from several main points around the centre: place des Martyrs, place Grande Poste, place Audin, Bab el-Oued and place 1 Mai, south of Agha train station. Destinations are marked at each stop, although increasingly these are in Arabic only.
ETUSA (urban and suburban bus transportation for Algiers) operates bus service in Algiers and the surrounding suburbs. 54 lines are currently operating, with service from 5:30 a.m. to 12:45 a.m.


The Société Nationale des Transports Ferroviaires (SNTF) a national railroad company operates commuter-rail lines connecting the capital to the surrounding suburbs, operating in the northern part of the country between Algiers and Oran, Béjaia, Skikda, Annaba and Constantine. The southern routes connect from Annaba to Tebessa via Souk Ahras, Constantine with Touggourt via Biskra and Mohammadia with Bechar.

The Algiers tramway

The Algiers tramway is a tram system with a length of 23.2 km and 28 stops operated by ETUSA, the public transport operator for the Algiers metropolitan area, using Alstom Citadis trams. The tramway is designed to carry between 150,000 and 185,000 people per day. The system offers a carrying capacity of 6,800 passengers per hour in each direction with a capacity of 400 persons per tram.

Special Hire Taxis

These are privately owned vehicles that transport people to different areas around Algiers and the suburbs. The Special Hire Taxis have no defined routes but move accordingly to the customer’s instructions.

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