Economy of Algeria

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Gross Domestic Product 2012

GDP (purchasing power parity): $ 274.5 billion (2012 est.)

GDP real growth rate: 2.4%

GDP per capita (PPP): $7,500

GDP composition by sector

Agriculture: 8.9%

Industry: 60.9%

Services: 30.2%

Inflation: 3.5% in July of 2013

Currency: Algerian dinar

Business Languages

The commercial languages include the following



Berber dialects


Algeria has approximately a total of 3,973 kilometres of railroads.

There are 71,656 kilometers of paved roads including 640 kilometers of expressways and 32,344 kilometers of unpaved roads for a total road system of 104,000 kilometers.

Algeria has two routes in the Trans-African Highway network, including the Trans-Sahara Highway, soon to be complete as a paved road running from north to south through the country.

Air transport is provided by Houari Boumedienne Airport which is about 20 km from Algiers.

Energy in Algeria

The major sources of energy in Algeria include; coal, oil, natural gas and hydro power

Challenges facing Algeria

  • Corruption and poor governance
  • Increased costs of living
  • Algeria has a literacy rate of 69.9% for the total population and a female literacy rate of 60
  • The mountainous areas of Algeria face so many natural hazards including severe earthquakes in some areas, mudslides and floods in the rainy season.
  • Overgrazing and other poor farming practices worsen the problem of soil erosion and desertification in some areas.
  • Improper sewage disposals, improper industrial waste disposals (such as petroleum refining wastes), and other industrial effluents pollute water bodies such as rivers and coastal waters including the Mediterranean Sea.

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